A Bit About Us

Granny Tees are the Melbourne, Victoria-based designers of smile inducing apparel, with a nostalgic twist. Our vision is simple, to take the tacky out of the novelty tee. We are here to celebrate the phrases we heard all too often at Grandma’s house.

The business began in 2020, during the coronavirus pandemic. Owner and operation Russ Masterton was searching for a novelty t-shirt online, as a gift. He unfortunately found there was nothing that fit his needs. He wanted a design that epitomised a phrase his Granny used to say growing up, but the only available tees were poor quality and not well-designed.

Our apparel makes the perfect gift. Quality unisex clothing that are made to order and sure to be a conversation starter (or a traffic stopper!)

“Wear your heart on your sleeve and your Granny on your Tees.”

Why Wear Granny Tees?

Locally designed in Melbourne.

Top-notch quality.

Smile inducing nostalgia

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